(US) "Holey" jeans flubbery fix!

Who doesn't have them..jeans with holes in it. Whether it's your favorite old pair or a ripped one you bought..eventually the holes will get big and it will look flubbery! I totally love me ripped jeans, but the flubbery hole..Not so much! Had to fix that problem. So why not use a little crochet 😃
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What do you need?

Fine cotton
2mm crochethook
Pointy needle
And "holey" jeans with flubbery

You can pick any pattern you like. Just keep meassuring it over the flubbery hole.

I started by making a mini doily. When it was big enough to fit the small part of the hole I increased one half of the doily so it would fit the entire hole. I didn't fasten off and left a long tail to sewed it onto my jeans. I only used a few stitches to sewed it on.

I'll give you the pattern for my mini doily, but no hole is the same. You'll have to keep meassuring and expand if you need to.


1) Magic circle, chain (ch) 1, 12 single crochet (SC) in the magic circle.
2) Ch 6, triple crochet(trc) ch 2 in every stitches. Slip stitch(slst) in the 4th ch of the starting chain.(12trc, count starting ch as stitches)
3) Slst into the ch2 space. Ch2, double crochet 2 togheter (dctog),  *ch3, in the next ch2 space, dctog 3, ch3. *repeat till  you have 12 dctog total. Ch1, half double crochet (hdc) in the top of the first dctog cluster.
4) Ch5, DC in the same ch space, * ch5, in the next ch space, DC,ch2, DC. * repeat till the end. Ch5, slst in the 3rd ch of the starting ch.
5)Slst into the ch2 space, ch2, 2 dctog, * ch3, SC in the ch5 space, ch3, 3dctog in the ch2 space. * repeat till the end. Ch3, slst into the top of the first dctog cluster.
6) Ch10, SC in the top of the next dctog cluster. Repeat till you have one space left. Ch 5, triple treble (trtr) into the top of the first dctog cluster. (Trtr: just like a triple crochet, but yarn over 5x to start).

If you need a bigger doily, just keep increasing. Add an extra ch per bow per row. Row 7: ch 11, SC in the next ch10 space. Row 8: ch12, SC in the net ch11 space etc. For the finale stitch on every row: chain half of the amount needed, every other row add an extra 'yarn over' to your trtr.


 If you have regular jeans, you can sewed them on just like that. Make sure that the hole stays as is, or you"ll get wobbly jeans.

If you have stretch jeans like me.. You'll have to wear the jeans when you attatch the doily! Yeah i know..I pocked myself with the needle a couple of times 😂 But if you don't wear them, it will look awefull and there's a chance you will ripp your jeans even more. The hole in stretch jeans gets bigger when you wear it.

So i put on me ripped jeans and placed the dolly onder me jeans on me leg. Then started sewing. I made simpele stitches at every centre of a chainbow.

Hope it all makes sence! I showed you mine..don't forget to show me yours! #flubberyfix

© 2017 CrochiqueNL, Marriëlle van der Gun. All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal use only. The pattern or parts of the patterns cannot be multiplied or republished in any way, or be altered or sold. The finished product of this pattern may be sold. For questions please contact : crochique.nl@gmail.com

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  1. Very Cool, Marseille! I linked to your site via Jess @ Make & Do Crew and when I saw your idea to place a doily in the hole of a pair of jeans, I was speechless!! What a wonderful idea! Thank you for your inspiration to add crotchet in my life. I LOVE IT!!
    - JENNIFER, FROM Minnesota

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